3 Ways Law Firms Can Improve the Client Experience Using Technology

The referral base of every successful law firm is grounded in happy clients. This is because the more satisfied your clients are at the close of their case, the more likely they are to sing your firm’s praises to their friends, family, and co-workers.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your clients have the best possible experience throughout their case, from start to finish. One of the keys to achieving this is to ensure that your clients are involved in every stage of their case. That way they to have a full understanding of the status of their case and the next steps.

Fortunately, 21st century technology makes it easier than ever to keep your clients in the loop. One of the best ways to do that? Online client portals. Not only are encrypted online portals one of the most secure ways to share confidential information with clients, they also provide a host of other benefits that provide the best possible experience for your law firm’s clients.

24/7 access to case-related information

Legal clients deserve to know what’s going on with their cases, and that’s where client portals come in. They provide your clients with immediate and secure access to case-related information. When your law firm uses the secure client portals built into law practice management software, your clients can login from any internet-enabled device and view whatever you choose to give them access to, whether it’s court dates, case documents, secure messages, invoices, and more. Instead of playing phone tag or sending you email after email, your clients can login at anytime, day or night, and instantly obtain the information they need. No more unanswered questions or missing information. Everything is securely stored and accessible in one convenient, online location.

Easily communicate, share documents, and collaborate

One of the keys to happy clients is frequent communication and online portals provide just that: a secure, easily accessible way to share information. Today’s legal clients are accustomed to interacting and collaborating online, whether it’s on social networks, or with their doctor and banks. They expect the same convenience from their lawyers. That’s where client portals come in – they make it easy for your clients to upload and download documents and communicate with you about their case. Importantly, miscommunications are reduced when your firm provides clients with one central, online location for all case-related communication and collaboration.

Receive and pay legal bills online

Client portals also make it easy for your clients to pay their legal bills. Invoices can be generated online and sent to your clients, either through the portal or via email or text message. Upon receipt, your clients can pay immediately, via ACH or credit card. It’s that simple. Your firm is paid more quickly because your firm’s client portal provides your clients with flexible payment options and the ability to pay right away.

In other words, client portals truly are the key to a more streamlined, happier client experience. That’s why legal technology experts John Simek and Sharon Nelson recommended client portals as one of the top ways to upgrade your law firm’s technology in 2018 in this Attorney at Work post. They explained that client portals solve a host of problems when it comes to client service:

If you don’t already have one, consider implementing a client portal. Client portals will help you solve all sorts of problems. Clients can access documents pertaining to their matters. They’ll know the status of their matter whenever they want to check on it. Clients will be able to “follow the money” and know how much the matter is costing, how much may be left in the retainer and even pay their invoice online if needed. Client communications is much improved as well. Client portals can allow document collaboration and even facilitate secure, encrypted communications.

To learn about even more ways to improve the experience of your law firm’s clients, make sure to download our free guide: “Fixing the Communication Problem: Tips for Providing Exceptional Client Communication.”

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