And then they came for our startups… [ACTION REQUIRED] on Startup Visa changes

A few years ago, venture capitalists and founders got together to make it easier for international founders to come here and start new businesses.  Why?  Because it has generally worked out amazingly for Americans.  Half of the startups in the U.S. that currently enjoy valuations of over $1 billion were founded by immigrants.  Those companies employ Americans with real jobs--and there's no shortage of dollars willing to back them.  In fact, those immigrants also create more American entrepreneurs--because many people who work for them then go on to start their own companies after their learnings from their first go around.  For example, Max Levchin was one of the Paypal founders (he came here from the Ukraine seeking political asylum, as this was well before the Startup Visa was created.)  After Paypal's success, Reid Hoffman, who worked there, founded LinkedIn, which employs thousands of Americans.

This is such a no brainer rule and there's no legitimate reason to change it.  It's anti-business and it's anti-exactly what even the most conservative Americans want immigrants to come here to do, to pull themselves up by being entrepreneurial and creating value.  Make sure the Trump Administration knows you're against it.  It's going up today and needs your public comments, which can be made here after its up.