Bought a typewriter as a fun purchase and ended up with a small business!

By Reed Yurchak July 29, 2018

I'm a lover of all old things. Always wanted a typewriter and one weekend I watched the documentary California Typewriter and I just had to have one. Bought one that same night. Old 1940s Smith Corona, beautiful piece of machinery. Had some sticky keys that I fixed with some mineral spirits but besides that, in perfect working condition. Replaced the ribbon and started typing away. I'm also a writer so I love quotes as you can imagine. Thought about making nice little framed quote prints on some nice linen cardstock to hang around my place. Friend of mine saw it and said he'd pay me for one and I realized there's probably a market for this. Went on Etsy and lo' and behold, there was. There were already plenty of sellers doing this sort of thing but I didn't let that discourage me. It was basically free money and I had the mentality of not needing the whole pie but just a piece of it. I launched my shop in January and I'm not exactly breaking the bank here but I cover my food expenses every month basically. It's easy money and I get to use my typewriter a lot. It's a win-win. Just wanted to share this and let you guys know to be curious and adventures with your hobbies, never know when one could become profitable! Now I get to do what I love and make money with it! Thanks for reading!

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