Print your reciept and submit your information below regarding the circumstances relating to the criminal/traffic infraction or accident.

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Please print out the above receipt for your records. Remember that the police do not have your best interest in mind, so if you have been in an accident, collecting all the insurance information from all parties, collecting any potential witnesses, and recalling any signs arriving toward the location of the accident, are all valuable information that may be lost in time – as the police are prone to making mistakes.

Under no circumstances contact your insurance or the other parties insurance – without seeking professional legal advice. You may use the bottom right communication window to initiate a chat with a 24/7 attendant, or leave us a message, or ask to speak with an attorney immediately. The communication window below allows for recorded messages so any details you place there will not be lost.

To upload documents through the communication chat, use the “options” menu. If you prefer to submit your information below, please use the below form to provide us with any information relating to your criminal traffic ticket/infraction, and it will be e-mailed to us directly:

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Having this information prior to our return call will enable us to provide you with valuable feedback and questions should they arise. The online submission of your ticket and associated payment expedites the process of handling the matter head-on, which leads to faster resolutions.

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