Life and finances can be unpredictable. Reed can help.

Seattle Bankruptcy Attorney Reed Yurchak Gets Debt Relief Fast

At the Law Offices of Reed Yurchak, you’ll receive compassionate, personalized service from an experienced bankruptcy attorney without having to hire us face to face. We have an online document submission system and communication software platform, that allows for you to work through an action plan and work through this humbling process from the convenience of your home. And why shouldn’t you? All your bills, bank statements, documents are at home or on your computer? We’ll work hard to make sure you can keep your home, vehicle, and retirement accounts. We’ll stop any foreclosure process, wage garnishments, and creditor calls. And we will eliminate dischargeable debt and restructure your mortgage and loans so you can breathe.

"Reed never judged me."Seattle Client

We know how humiliating it is to receive calls from creditors day in and day out. It’s embarrassing and sometimes downright offensive. We will be aggressive for you to ensure that you’re protected. We also know that people you believed were your friends, turn out to be something different when you have nothing.

We are far from ones to judge who your friends are, but we have been here to counsel even the most secure of us with the world they thought they knew.



If you feel like your financial walls are closing in on your, contact the Law Office of Reed Yurchak.  You have more options than you think to get back on your feet. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation at our Bellevue personal injury office.

Click on the button above to use our website contact form or try out the communication chat box below to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION TODAY. You can also call (206) 866-0766 or (425) 941-6659. We will examine the details of your case and determine which legal strategies may be best for you.




Free initial consultation to ensure that bankruptcy is for you

We will spend the time it takes to learn about your situation, and understand all the ins-and-outs. We will give you immediate feedback and provide you with a detailed quote to handle your case, including how much the court’s costs ($335 which we usually include in the fee), and consider payment plans – if you need. An attorney flat fee and two financial management courses required by law are also additional expenses that we include.


We will direct and help you provide information to our online communication portal

This is how we will collect the necessary information to prepare your bankruptcy petition. We’ll help you collect the bank statements, credit cards, expenses, mortgage documents, any debt agreements, to help you present the most detailed debt matrix to the court as possible.


Review your documents before they are filed with the court

When you approve the petition, we will file it with the court and keep you up to date with the court calendar and accompany you to the 341 hearing when the time comes.

Our website contact and chat feature on the right bottom corner is open 24 hours/ 7 days a week to hear from you. In this time of desperation when your friends feel few, you can rely on the fact that the Law Offices of Reed Yurchak will stand by your side when all others leave.


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