Because taxes are complex, we are here to help you navigate the complicated tax process.

Year after year U.S. tax laws become increasingly burdensome and complex. This progression of intricacy leaves you facing higher levels of uncertainty as a taxpayer. For that reason, you need a knowledgeable tax professional on your side who you can depend on to help with compliance with U.S. tax laws. Dependable professionals are especially necessary when faced with aggressive IRS action that could lead to severe adverse tax consequences.

Some of these consequences can stem from failing to comply with a myriad of compliance requirements which can trigger serious penalties and interest from the IRS. If left unpaid, these penalties will lead to collections, levies, liens, and wage garnishments.

Once you are in the crosshairs of the IRS, the administrative process can be just as daunting as the tax laws themselves. Figuring out how to take the necessary steps to remedy the situation can be very challenging. We are committed to offering customized planning solutions, advisory services, and skilled representation to clients nationwide that will take the burden off our clients and alleviate unwanted adverse tax results.

This firm provides services to entities and individuals. And our process is easy:

We begin with an initial complimentary consultation. Your case will be directly handled by a tax attorney who is also an enrolled agent with the IRS and who will see your case all the way through from beginning to end, working diligently to resolve your case.

The facts as you think they are may not be the facts that the IRS has deemed them to be, so the next step after the attorney collects your initial information is to conduct a thorough investigation into your tax matters. This will include calling the IRS on your behalf and discussing your case with an IRS agent. During this process the tax attorney will keep in close contact with you to pass along information, to update you on the investigation, and to ask for additional information if necessary. The investigation may last for several weeks depending on your case.

Subsequently, we will undertake the task of effective resolution of your tax issues. Toward this end, we take a personal approach. We know that it can take a financial and emotional toll on your and your family when the IRS threatens action against you or your business. To you this it personal. We make your tax matters personal to us as well. That's why we provide you with the time, attention, and understanding you need during this process, so that you know what is happening and what you might be able to expect. And once we have successfully solved your tax matters, we will provide you with additional value-added services in the form of advisory services that will keep you on track. Our goal is to create a powerful connection based on trust, upon which you can unquestionably rely.

Some of The Services You Might Need Help With:

  • Income Tax Preparation
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Unpaid Taxes
  • Liens
  • Penalties
  • Levys
  • Asset Seizure
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Currently not Collectible
  • Foreign Bank Account Reports
    • Compliance for individuals with authority over foreign financial accounts
  • Corporate and Partnership Tax Returns
    • Foreign companies doing business in the US
    • US companies doing business in the US or abroad
  • Estate Tax Returns
    • Foreign estates holding US assets
  • Gift Tax Returns
    • For US citizens/ residents and Foreign Persons
  • Trust Income Tax Returns
    • Domestic trusts with worldwide income
    • Foreign trusts with US source income