Head trauma and brain injury can be life-changing. Reed can help change it for the better.

The Law Offices of Reed Yurchak are experts in pursing traumatic brain injuries claims. Traumatic brain injuries can impact every aspect of our personality – leading us to be completely different in the way we think, act and express ourselves. No two people are the same, and no two injuries are as well, therefore, each and every client that has components of brain injuries are unique, special, and delicate cases here. Traumatic brain injuries may occur hours or even weeks after a traumatic event such as an accident occurs. Because injuries such as these are caused by jolts or blows to the head or body a wide variety of symptoms may result. In addition to the vast number of actions causing these injuries so too are the number of types of TBI, including diffuse axonal injury, concussions, contusions, second impact syndrome and others.

And according to the leading experts in TBI, the Center for Disease and Control Injury Prevention Center, the top causes include slips and falls, vehicle-related accidents including collisions involving motorcyclist or bicycles, impact relating to an assault such as gunshot wounds, domestic violence, or child abuse, but also including sports injuries and explosive blasts and combat injuries. Because of these vast and wildly different factors causing and resulting in TBI, it is imperative to seek medical attention for any infant or young persons (ages between 15 and 24), and adults (75 and older) that may have been involved in the above scenarios as to document and record the symptoms as they arise. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Reed Yurchak have seen a number of these cases and can refer you to the appropriate providers.

The Mayfield and Brain and Spine Clinic approximate 1.5 to 2 million adults and children suffer from brain-related injuries each year in the United States, of that number 1.1 million will not seek medical attention, however, 235,000 individuals will be hospitalized with moderate to severe head complaints and approximately 50,000 are fatal.



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When an injury or its symptoms occur relating to traumatic brain injuries, it is important to document the following if and when you expect to seek counsel and representation. The following details are important to pursue a claim, how did the injury occur, did the patient loses consciousness, how long did the patient experience loss of consciousness, what were the patients’ changes as they relate to alertness, hand-eye or general coordination, speech. and was the patient’s body “whipped” or “jarred”. If the patient had experienced changes in speech or writing, what examples or recordings do you have of these occurrences?

The types of diagnosis for traumatic brain injuries, frequently occurring on an emergency type basis, are Glasgow Coma ScoreComputerized Tomography (CT) scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Intracranial Pressure Monitor.

The medical implications of serious traumatic brain injuries involve a host of legal issues including preservation of evidence, the statute of limitation claims, insurance claims, the specific filing of a TBI claim, ensuring financial compensation appropriate for an injured party with this diagnosis, privacy rights, social security benefits, and any equipment or products involved in the case.

A number of factors can impact the “case-value” of a claim with a party affected by TBI. These should be evaluated and assessed by an experienced attorney. As with all cases, the particular facts are relevant, the severity of the injury sustained by the victim, the presence of a secondary claim, the duration and procedures involved during a hospitalization and subsequent medical treatment, and the total and ongoing costs of the medical care associated with the claim.

Other important monetary factors involved in TBI cases include loss of earning capacity, life care costs, loss of employment life, and many others.

Traumatic brain injuries are either classified as “diffuse” or “focal”, with “diffuse” involving the entire brain such as concussions, diffuse axonal injuries (DAI), or traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage (tSAH) which is bleeding on the surface of the brain. “Focal” traumatic brain injuries describe specific areas of the affected brain such as contusions, or bruising, hematoma or a blood clot in the brain which forms after a ruptured blood vessel, and secondary brain injury which is brain swelling.


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