Regrets, I’ve had a few


I’ve messed things up more times than I can remember. Failed business ventures, bad investments, lost cases and clients, lost friendships. I think about these from time to time but I don’t dwell on them because while you can learn from the past, you can’t change it.

I’ve heard that most people think about their past 3 times more often than their future. That’s a waste of time.

Instead, I try to focus on the future. The projects I’m working on, the things I want to accomplish, where I’m going instead of where I’ve been. I get ideas and inspiration from the future I plan to create and the impetus to move forward.

You may wonder why I don’t focus on the present. Why don’t I get my “zen” on?

Because if things aren’t going well presently, what good would it be to think about that? Feel bad about my mistakes or shortcomings? Beat myself up for letting it happen?


There’s no value in feeling guilty about your past or your present. Besides, the present is only a moment away from being the past and you have to let that go.

If things are going well, I acknowledge this and enjoy the moment, but no matter how good things are they can always be better and that (in the future) is where I put my attention.

Let go of the past and the present. You can’t change them, you can only change your future.

See you there.

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Regrets, I’ve had a few