July 28, 2018

Recommended Reading: The plight of fact-checkers in the fake news era

By Engadget RSS Feed

The fact-checkers who want to save the world
Kate Knibbs,
The Ringer

In the era of fake news and rampant misinformation, fact-checkers are a key line of defense and an important tool in separating truth from lies. The Ringer takes a look a …

July 6, 2018

The Yurchak Jingle

By Mark Phillips

We were super excited when we heard that marketing had commissioned a Yurchak jingle.  Even more excited since it wasn’t sourced to a fancy studio but an independent – support small businesses!  As a workplace that is guitar, dog, and kid-friendly (who isn’t these days?), we didn’t know what to expect.  While the words “cheesy” came to mind, you have … Read More