July 29, 2018

Verizon VPN app protects against shady public WiFi

By Engadget RSS Feed

Add Verizon to the list of tech giants that can’t resist the temptation to offer their own virtual private network services. The carrier (and Engadget’s parent company) has released a Safe Wi-Fi app for Android that uses the encryption of a VP…

July 29, 2018

Worried About GMail Privacy? Look In The Mirror

By rickgeorges

How to keep your Gmails private and away from prying eyes. What we have here is a failure to learn. If you are worried about the recent scare stories about third party developers looking at GMail and using the metrics…

July 28, 2018

Verizon’s new ‘Safe Wi-Fi’ is a VPN that blocks ad tracking for $3.99 a month

By Kirsten Korosec

Verizon has rolled out a new product called Safe Wi-Fi, a VPN that provides a security stop gap for its mobile customers logging onto a public network. It’s also being marketed as a way to block ads. So WTF is a VPN and why does it matter? A VPN is a virtual private network. It sits between a […]

July 25, 2018

Facebook lost one million monthly active users to GDPR

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The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation had a tangible impact on Facebook’s user base — if only just. While discussing its second quarter earnings, the social network revealed that it lost about 1 million monthly active users …

July 25, 2018

Despite scandals, Facebook is still raking in cash and users

By Engadget RSS Feed

It’s no secret that 2018 has been quite a rocky year for Facebook, after controversies over the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal and, most recently, its handling of fake news on the platform. But, despite these troubling issues, the co…

June 20, 2018

Updated GDPR Privacy Agreement

By Hoot Suite

The Law Offices of Reed Yurchak updated its privacy agreement with the launch of its new site.  Check it out.