The Enneagram – Impressive Tool for self-development

By Reed Yurchak July 29, 2018

The Enneagram of personality is a versatile and powerful personality typing system. This system has roots in antiquity and can be traced back at least as far as the works of Pythagoras. Each personality type associated with the Enneagram represents a map of traits that highlights patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. By learning one’s type and the patterns and habits associated with that type, one can use of the Enneagram system as an effective tool for self-understanding and self-development.

Each Enneagram personality type, or style, is based on a pattern of where attention goes. By learning about what kinds of things one habitually attends to and puts energy into, one can observe oneself more accurately and develop more self-awareness. By enhancing one’s self awareness with the help of the Enneagram, one can exercise more choice about one’s functioning rather than engaging in patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior in an automatic, habitual, unconscious way.

The Enneagram symbol and the personality types associated with it have ancient roots. Traces of it can be found in the early mystical forms of many of the world’s spiritual teachings.

Today, knowledge of the Enneagram system is growing all around the world. The insights about human functioning and development are being applied in many varied areas including psychology and psychotherapy, business, the arts, health care, parenting, education, and spiritual growth. The Enneagram system of personality types is being used in many different ways by professionals in many different places all around the world.

To learn more about our personality type, we can use the free tools available on the internet for example this one: which is based on this system. In fact, it's so powerful that it can seem a little intimidating at first. This is especially true if it is viewed mainly as an indicator of our limitations instead of our potentials.

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