Webinar Recap: Turning More Online Traffic Into Fees


If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. So goes the adage that legal marketing expert Gyi Tsakalakis calls out as his gateway to success for online legal marketing. As he explains, technology has come a long way and remains an effective way to track your marketing very granularly. Paired with a proactive strategy, any law firm can experiment and optimize their way to converting more website visitors into paying clients.

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6:12 – The Classic Paradigm of Traffic > Inquiry > Client

Your relationship with a potential client starts with a conversion. With your conversion rate unlocked, you’re able to benchmark your performance and improve it over time.

9:55 – Converting More Traffic Into Inquiries

How to start tracking visitor traffic to your website to a specific goal such as a form fill-out, live chat request, or phone call.

17:08 – Common Conversion Issues and How to Solve Them

Avoid these technical, marketing, and content-related roadblocks that keep many law firms from turning website visitors into paying clients.

23:10 – Boost Website Conversion Through Testing

Are you asking too much of visitors to your website? Maybe the messaging in your ad isn’t landing with your target audience. Find out how experimentation and market research can yield significantly more conversions.

29:30 – Converting More Inquiries Into Clients

Simple strategies and tools to implement into your marketing strategy today to deliver a remarkable experience to everyone that engages with your firm online.

34:54: Leaving Money on the Table

From the first phone conversation to prospect follow up, preempt these typical intake blunders to keep the competition from snatching up your dream prospects.

48:08: Q&A

We answer pressing audience questions on conversion tracking and catering your marketing to your ideal potential client.

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