Yurchak’s Process Server Serve Lawsuits HOT!

You can leave it up to Attorney Reed Yurchak and Marc Welton to find the process server that is willing to go the extra mile to serve those hard to serve defendants.  Here, a local pizzeria rang the doorbell of an entire floor of neighbors, was let into the gated community, and then served the defendant after verifying he was home and avoiding service.  The lawsuit was jammed into the door of the individual and ultimately was throw out into the hallway, lining the hallway with the business lawsuit.  For those that are new to lawsuits, you don’t un-sue yourself by avoiding receiving papers.  Once the process server has identified you as the defendant or individual to be served, it’s over, you have been put on notice.  Don’t be an idiot and act like not touching the papers actually means avoiding the lawsuit.


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