Podcast Episode 4: Understanding How to Place the Focus on Others

On this episode of The Geek In Review, Marlene Gebauer interviews Ayelette Robinson about her transition from KM Attorney to award-winning actress and voice-over specialist. Ayelette discusses how acting isn’t about “pretending” but rather it’s about showing our real selves and injecting our own unique perspectives.

Marlene discusses the five training modules on security awareness. Technology and security all go hand-in-hand. But it wasn’t all work. Somehow Marlene discusses not one, but two articles regarding technology, ethics, and individuality. Both straight out of fashion magazines.



Greg recaps his conversation with LexisNexis in Chicago last week, and about the harmful affects that tying unrelated products together has on the legal industry, and how Lexis’ lack of disclosure should make for an interesting law library conference in Baltimore.

Speaking of Baltimore. Take the time to talk with them about current events, things you did at the conference, or just to say hello. They’ll have lavalier mics and are looking for topics for future podcasts. Look for them!

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