Yurchak Law’s Data Scientists Use Alteryx For Predictive Collision Analysis To See the Future!

Disclaimer: The presented information and details herein are for information purposes only, and are not to be relied upon. The information was derived from WSDOT collision’s database after an autoregressive integrated moving average algorithm (AIRMA) and variable weight application. A further in-depth explanation is provided below.

We present the Yurchak Law’s Daily Northwest Accident RISK Map which uses the current day, historical collision records, and a predictive modeling algorithm known as AIRMA to highlight, relative to each other, a risk profile for collisions. After the WSDOT delivered the Northwest collision data for the last three years to our data scientists, we processed the data to glean some potentially insightful information for our clients.  We (everyone at the Office of Reed Yurchak) would be happy if no one was to come to us for a personal injury claim related to automobiles. We recognize accidents happen, but if an accident could be avoided, we are all for that. No one wants to be a victim of an accident, suffer injuries, be admitted to a hospital, miss work, miss family, but if that were to happen-we are always just one call, click, contact away.

The collision data from WSDOT was interesting to analyze – we grouped the data by date and location, used an industry-leading predictive analysis software package, Alteryx (www.alteryx.com).  We applied a number of predictive analysis algorithms – neural networks, time-series modeling, and regression analytics, before settling on an autoregressive integrated moving average (AIRMA) model. We applied a weight to each day based on a predictive “risk” assessment and voila. Again using Seattle’s Tableau visualization software, we use a time/date stamp for each day, and we are presented with a high-level view of location to collision risks.

This is our first rough presentation and while we are experimenting with this information, there are some practical applications for this knowledge. You can read more about this tool, save links to it – as it will update each day (https://yurchaklaw.com/analytics/), or learn more about personal injury or other legal areas we practice here at the Law Office of Reed Yurchak.  Our online presence is actively being developed to bring you relevant and interesting information to help keep you informed and safe.



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